R25 Theater Company with the support of California Stage presents

Directed by Scott and Linda Taylor

It’s Christmas weekend in a Midwestern funeral parlor and one man and two women are saying their final goodbyes. But things don’t go as you might expect when one is a thief, one is an undertaker, and one is a widow with a faulty memory.

Jeffrey Hatcher has crafted three comedic/dramatic monologues that take you through the highs and the lows of a lifetime, or rather, three lifetimes.

Performance dates will be finalized in June and tickets will go on sale at that time.

What the critics are saying:

“Hatcher’s three brief, intermissionless playlets have the merits and liabilities of that style of American short-story writing which started with O. Henry and, from the careful set-up to the ironic payoff, has never really ended.” —New York Post.

“Nowadays it is rare to encounter a genuine writer in the theater—someone, that is, who thinks about such things as character and structure, someone who has a genuine feel for language. So when such a thing comes along, it’s exciting…THREE VIEWINGS is the genuine article…Hatcher’s voice is one I want to hear again soon.” —New York Daily News.


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